Samovar Russian Folk Music

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A Samovar is a metal urn, often of brass, with a spigot near its base, widely used in Russia to boil water for tea. Invented in the mid-18th century, the samovar was often a favorite place for families to gather for tea, conversation, and occasionally even music.


Our songs have appeared on the following movie soundtracks:

“Proshchay” in the movie “Whiteout,” starring Kate Beckinsale (September 2009).

Several songs in the movie, “Driven to Kill," starring Steven Seagal (May 2009).

“Kolomeyka,” in the documentary, “Yippee,” directed by Paul Mazursky (Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Moscow on the Hudson, etc.) (June 2006).

“Smuglyanka” will be in an independent movie, “Remarkable Power” (no release date at this time).

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